Y2011 Coffee enthusiast group STARESSO gathered in China and decided to develop a funny,portable & innovative coffee appliance for the coffee fans in the world.     

Y2012 Did the technology research of manual hydraulic pumping multiply pressure system.     

Y2013 Did the open structured design and expanding function research.     

Y2014 Applied patents and brand registration all over the world     

Y2015 Invested by the leading E-business enterprise HOFAN GROUP (who incubatedFIIIL earphone, CRAZYBABY MARS and nuts projector successfully) and started to launch SP-100 globally.  STARESSO became the No. 1 new releasing product on the AMAZON US and pursued by coffee fans allover the world.      

Y2016  STARESSO won the Germany REDDOT award which is the most authoritative design award in the world. 

Geek design of Staresso

STARESSO pioneered manual hydraulic pumping system tomultiply pressure which helps it achieve a professional ESPRESSO function.Normal working pressure is 15-20 BAR(higher pressure than this if you use finer  ground coffee).  STARESSO  patents detachable pressure holding system to guarantee stable water-brewing  pressure; stabilizes at a higher than 15 BAR level, to make it easy for any  user  to get professional ESPRESSO . 

Compatible with ground coffee & coffee  capsule: many options & conveniences for any user 

Fashionable and compact design: There is no  limit!  Anytime, anywhere!

Playful design of Staresso

Fantastic frothed milk function: STARESSO froths milk by air pressure.Without water to dilute the milk, which keeps it fresh and tasty.   A small and fantastic appliance! 

New technology for making coffee: in the case of stable pressure, you can try different water, temperature and ground coffee freely to find your favorite matching to make your own coffee style. 

Quick cold brew function: use fine medium roast ground coffee & iced water, STARESSO can make great cold brew coffee within a few minutes instead of waiting for hours. Furthermore, you will get a better taste, more fruit scent and richer oil coffee than the traditional way.

Clean freak design of Staresso

Crazy about cleaningyour coffee machine after making coffee?  So many fixed parts which cannot be clean?

No!  No! Not at STARESSO!  

Concentrate: coffee ground is only collect inthe metallic basket, simple to clean. 

Easily & completely: all the key systemsare open design, detachable.  Any partsyou want to clean is easy to take apart. 

Rigorous Staresso

STARESSO  team is with more than 15 years’ R&D management working experience & serviced many world class brands. 

Request each of STARESO designer or engineer to assemble at least 3000 units. 

Test at least 100 shots of coffee every day. 

Got approval by WAL-MART, DISNEY etc giant companies’ factory audit.